HER NAME IS LACY JOHNSON        She is 35 years old
 She does not have ANY type of CANCER at ALL

Lacy was arrested in Colorado Springs, CO in July '13 for identity theft, burglary, and grand theft after nearly 3 years on the run. She has since been charged with 4 counts of cancer fraud.

Lacy is currently out on bail and has a pre-trial scheduled for February 27, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

If you or anyone you know has been scammed by Lacy Johnson, you're urged to contact us at lacyjohnsonconartist@gmail.com

Lacy Johnson has been known to go by Lacy Hall, Lacy McAllister, and Lacy Ann Marble.


1.  Lacy Elizabeth Johnson has been telling people for nearly a decade that she has Stage IV breast cancer, brain cancer or ovarian cancer, depending on to whom she is lying. 

2.  It has been verified by the LAPD as of September 14th, 2010 that Lacy is not sick and does not have any type of cancer.

3.  Lacy's father - Jon Johnson - convinced Temple Beth Emet in Burbank California to raise money for his daughter by claiming she had Stage IV breast cancer.  (Please see the flyer at the bottom of this page.)  Just to reiterate, she does not have cancer and if you contributed money through this temple please email us with your story

4.  Lacy worked at Film Garden Entertainment as a receptionist from Oct. 2003 - Feb. 2008.  During this time she told the owners that she had Stage IV breast cancer and requested time off for her treatments. Eventually Film Garden was compassionate enough to give Lacy 2 months paid sick leave.  The owners were also so heartbroken for Lacy they sent her on a cruise to swim with dolphins as that was Lacy's dying wish.  Lacy had no cancer at the time and is still alive and healthy.

5.  Lacy's most recent ex-fiance (he was with her until Sept 12, 2010 when he finally discovered she had been lying)  was fooled by Lacy and he gave her $15,000.00 for ozone treatment for her Stage IV brain cancer.  His parents, who were so excited to have such a wonderful addition to the family, also gave her almost $9000.00 for ozone treatments for her Stage IV brain cancer.  

6.  Charges have been filed by her ex-fiance's family against Lacy Johnson for fraud.

7.  Lacy told a woman she worked for from April 2010 until Sept 2010 that her brother Morgan Matthew Johnson committed suicide on April 23, 2010.  Lacy then went on to tell her fiance in July 2010 that her brother Morgan Matthew Johnson died of a drug overdose on July 4, 2010.  

8.  Lacy's brother Morgan Matthew Johnson- who might also go by the name Morgan Jason Johnson- is alive and well.  We suspect he may be her accomplice. 

9.  Lacy told her fiance, his parents, and her boss that her father died of a heart attack.  Her father Jon Matthew Johnson is still alive.

10.  Lacy opened a credit card in her ex-fiance's name without his knowledge and has been charging things to it.

11.  Her ex-fiance has filed an identity theft report with the LAPD and Lacy is being charged with identity theft in addition to her other charges.

12.  Lacy had been working as an assistant for a woman in Hollywood Hills with an online store and it was discovered she had stolen thousands of dollars worth of clothing, shoes and jewelry.

13.  Over the Memorial Day holiday the woman's home, for whom Lacy was working, was burglarized and vandalized.

14.  Lacy was arrested on Tuesday September 14th, 2010 and charged with grand theft.

15.  Property recovered by Detective Hernandez of the LAPD during the arrest of Lacy Johnson for grand theft links Lacy to the burglary of this woman's home.  Lacy has since been charged with burglary in addition to the grand theft charges.

16. Lacy Johnson tells people she is a mult-millionaire to get them to loan her money while her money is "tied up" in real-estate or in an audit by the IRS.  This is false.  Lacy is not rich, and it seems Lacy has little to no money until she cons another person.

17. Lacy tells people she has a show on the Food Network Channel: this has been verified to be false by executives at the Food Network Channel.

18. Lacy tells people she is a producer and has connections to HBO, NBC and other networks.  This also has been verified to be false.  Lacy has never had a show produced by any of the Networks, nor ever sold a show or pitch to any of the Networks.

19.  Dozens of victims have come forward since this website was put up.  Lacy got an additional $15,000 from a boyfriend in July and August of 2010.  She also got an additional $20,000 from a married couple who were her friends.  To date, Lacy has managed to scam a total of approximately $338,500 from all of these victims. She promised all of these people this money was needed for treatment for her stage IV cancer and that she would pay them back as soon as her money was no longer tied up.

20. In 2012, Lacy launched a website for an unrecognized non-profit called Care Package Bears. The site was an attempt to collect monetary donations under the ruse that donations would go toward making care packages for United States military serving overseas. This is believed to be the second time Lacy has attempted this type of scam. In June of 2010, she created a "company" called Bodacious Blossoms, also claiming that proceeds would go toward sending care packages to troops serving overseas. 


If you have had an experience with this young woman telling you she has cancer, or you are engaged to this woman (as we have found out she currently has at least 2 fiances.... perhaps more) or if you have any other information or complaints please email us at lacyjohnsonconartist@gmail.com.  If you would like to speak with us, please leave your contact information in your email.  You can also contact Detective Hernandez of the LAPD at 213-972-2925.

Lacy Elizabeth Johnson, born Oct. 20, 1979, must be stopped.  She has wreaked havoc on many lives and we are sure there are many more lives she has harmed that we do not yet know about.  If you have been a victim of Lacy Johnson please join us in stopping this young woman. Lacy has gotten away with too much for far too long!

Note:  The flyer below was circulated by Lacy and her family.
***All information within the flyer is false***